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SFERANGS contains myth of natural vitality itself.

Cosmetural cosmetics Brand has mystery of the natural vitality Without chemical substances.

Raw materials for the Amazon Project

SFERANGS contains great power and myth of natural vitality itself.
For the purpose of finding such great nature raw materials,
our R &D Team are finding and studying natural products
in primitive Amazon and are grafting it to medical science.

CEFM (Cryogenic Energy Fermentation Manufacturing)

It neutralize the poisonous of natural ingredients, enhances penetrating depth and moistening preservation by Nano molecular effective elements.
It help to relax trouble and abnormal response in skin by penetration of low molecules and mild elements and dissociate the trouble component.
It can shown us the functional characteristic to difference of CEFM’s

No-Trouble Cosmetics

SFERANGS produces cosmetics using manufacturing skills through testing and inspection
by officially recognized agencies for each st age
such as raw materials + production process+ test for applyin g to human body,
in order to convert vitality and to have the effect of natural materials
from the Amazon to cosmetics suitable for skin.